*You have to understand how your loans translate into debt and payment obligations. Different loans will carry different processes.

Women and men will want to take a proactive approach to their student loan debt especially if career changes have or will be made. Both women and men will find student loan help is an investment into their financial future.

Create a budget, implement good spending habits, save money and prevent yourself from getting into financial trouble that will only keep you from focusing on your studies and building a future for your self.

Nearly one-fourth of all bachelor's degree students enrolled at for-profit colleges graduated with more than $40,000 in student loan debt, and more than half accrued over $30,000 in college loans.

One of the biggest benefits of joining the military is student loan repayment. Not all branches of the military offer student loan forgiveness however, so you may want to check into which branches offer forgiveness before you consider joining. While joining the military to serve your country is an honor, if you are looking for student loan forgiveness as well, then you need to do your research before signing on the dotted line.

The good news is that this new bill will bring immediate help and there is nothing set in stone about it. Government officials could reevaluate the bill at a later date in order to address the student loan debt crisis. Young households need to afford living costs, save for their future and build their family's security through investment rather than working to pay off college debt.

When selecting a school, keep the cost as a high priority consideration. If you can get the same degree by different schools, take a good look at how much the diploma will cost. Could you attend a college nearby and remain in your parent's home? Would renting a room or sharing an apartment help keep costs down as well?

*Forgiveness Programs - It isn't only for teachers. Find out what professions get this extra perk directly from the Department of Education.

CFS or Collegiate Funding Services is a student loan corporation providing you with the ability to go to college. CFS is a private funded corporation, but they also work in conjunction with the Federal Family Education Loan Program. They have a federal loan program that is not for families. CFS is also about consolidation of loans. They deal in several loan types regarding their program. They have Alumni, Bad Credit, Cash Back, Cheap Options, Direct, Graduate, In School, Perkins, Plus, and Stafford loan options. They can consolidate these loans for you. They can also award you private student loans. We will look at their consolidation methods.After you graduate you will have student loans to repay. Typically most students have at least 4 student loans in their name by the time they graduate. If this is the case with you, you have the option of consolidating them into one payment, and a better interest rate. CFS is the leading corporation in consolidating student loans for individuals. They will purchase all types of student loans such as the ones mentioned above. They will also purchase federal student loans if you have them.They will review the amount of your student loans, the current interest rate, and determine a fair interest rate. Once the interest rate has been established they will look at the term of the loans. If the loan is for a twenty year repayment scheme they will divide what you owe to determine how much you need to pay per month. This allows you to have one loan payment rather than four. In the consolidation process CFS will examine your credit history to determine what type of private student loan consolidation they will offer. Your credit history is important regarding your risk. You can find out what CFS may offer you without actually consolidating the loan. This helps you determine if it is worth consolidating with CFS.By consolidating your student loans through CFS you will save money. You may also find some discount options available such as lowering your interest rate by a .5 percent for signing up for automatic payments. Many of the lenders for student loans provide such a deal. CFS is mainly about consolidating your student loans into one rather than providing funding when you first start out gaining a college education. However, they do offer a few private loans for beginning your education process.